Our Services


Blackstone Consulting, Inc.'s (BCI) janitorial services are spearheaded by our commitment to green cleaning and our dedication to green clean practices. We provide janitorial cleaning for over 7 million square feet of space in office locations, manufacturing plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, school districts, high rise facilities and clean rooms for our customers.

BCI is committed to quality service while respecting the environment. Our company leads the industry by being one of the first West Coast companies to be Green Clean certified and we continue to stay committed to green clean practices.

Whether it’s an office complex, retail establishment, medical or academic facility, BCI can provide these comprehensive Green Clean Certified environmental services:

  • Green-centric service using eco-friendly products to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Highly trained employees
  • Facility cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Floor care expertise
  • Recycling