Our Services


Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI) serves over 110,000 meals daily to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, commercial customers and retail food service operations. Our experience and drive for excellence have earned us multiple honors in the food service industry, including the prestigious Ney Award for the Navy, the Connelly Award for the Army, LeMay Award for the Air Force, and the Hennessy Award for the Air Force.

With a range of services and over 23 years of experience, BCI is uniquely qualified to help your organization meet its food service challenges by providing:

  • Full service management of cafeteria, catering, retail and large military dining facilities
  • Customized concepts, menus and healthy dining options
  • Extensive food safety training for employees
  • On-call corporate support, including a dietician
  • On-site employees with requisite food certifications